Out of boredom due to ban on dancing: Young man masturbates whole long Good Friday

Out of boredom due to ban on dancing: Young man masturbates whole long Good Friday

Donauworth – Whether its stock of paper tissues is quite good enough? Because he can go celebrate because of the ban karfreitaglichen dance today is not the 18 -year-old Jonas F. from Donauworth have no choice but to stay at home and spend hours to satisfy themselves.

‘ Although I have gradually been no more desire, but what can you do on a Friday because otherwise, if you can not move?’ says Jonas during a short break.

Then we continue with sports socks. Instead of a masturbation marathon he had actually planned to go out with friends, but the ban on public dances on Good Friday made ​​him a spanner in the works. Was not even to think of a cozy pub night, because the Bavarian especially designed strictly law prohibits musical performances of all kinds in rooms with dispensing operation. Now he has to make the whole day at home.

‘ I would have gone really prefer to dance, but if the church there which, however, has’ the 18 -year-old said sadly.’ Meanwhile, I’ll just go all categories on my favorite porn site oookay alphabetical flat major, no GILF videos more.’

On his journey through the colorful world of Internet pornography Jonas always ensures only to watch videos, in which no music is played in the background.’ Who knows but that falls each rhythmic movement to music under the ban on dancing’, explains the Kopulationscineast that will anger neither God nor the Catholic Church.

Experts estimate that at this moment in Germany at least two million young people are going through exactly the same thing as Jonas F. from Donauworth the young man who would have been so happy dance.

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