Man who does not talk at hairdresser, highly

Man who does not talk at hairdresser, highly

Bamberg – A dark-haired man who can currently be tacitly hair cut at a barber Bamberger, is most likely a cold-blooded killer after matching opinion of the staff at the salon’ Hairbstzeitlose’ present. The irrefutable proof. Since he expressed his desire hairstyle, he has given no word of himself

‘ An icy shiver runs down my spine,’ says the 22 -year-old hairdresser Annette B. That currently intersects the man’s hair and has saved a pretext for a few minutes in the break room.’ Sometime had indeed come when so pure walking a Hannibal Lecter – type in our day.’

So it looks probably from the man at home. First, they’ve tried to start a casual conversation she says.’ But my remarks about the weather, he does not respond, but smiled at me just tired. And as I noted how much I am looking forward to the weekend, he just looked up briefly and cleared his throat. Since my knees were very soft.’

Not even in a fashion magazine was the man whom the hairdresser to about 25 years to come (estimated number of victims: 18) for scrolling.’ Coffee did not want to. Probably he only drinks the blood of his victim or his own urine.’

Currently Annette B. tried To gather in the break room strength to normal as possible and unobtrusively to lead the haircut of the man over.’ I could give him, of course, cut with scissors throat and redeem mankind from a monster, as I advised my boss has,’ said the young woman.’ But I think the mix of blood and hair I just get very difficult to get out of control.’

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