In the case of Grexit: All Euro bills with Greek letters worthless

In the case of Grexit: All Euro bills with Greek letters worthless

Frankfurt am Main – economists hold a Greek exit from the euro zone and more likely. But only a few know that a so-called Grexit can have a real impact on your wallet: In the current favored by the European Central Bank exit scenario, all the certificates on which the Greek letters EYPΩ be (. = Greek for drachma ) are printed, canceled abruptly.

‘ After a Grexit these certificates would be valid only in Greece, but not in the rest of Europe. We recommend to all who want to play it safe, to examine whether there are on their bank notes, the Greek letter explains the Frankfurt economist Franz sense finger. If this is the case, such certificates should be immediately exchanged for the nearest bank to secure banknotes without EYPΩ print.

According to initial estimates, a sizable part of the currently in Germany outstanding bills from punching for a Grexit is concerned. Anyone who has invested his money in coins, however, can breathe easy: Since no Greek letters were stamped on most euro coins wisely, the failure rate is much lower here.

Who does not want to specially go to the bank may use an old trick: simply with the scissors cut out the appropriate letter or paint over with a waterproof marker pen


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