Signal against false alarms: The postilion boycotted April 1

Signal against false alarms: The postilion boycotted April 1

Furth – hoaxes? Not with us! As every year since its inception ( 1845) boycotted the postilion the most shameful April 1st. Germany’s biggest newspaper in the world, day or night is setting an example against the silly lies and fooling around, which are common in many less reputable media on this date.

As part of the boycott will meet on Wednesday, 1 April, no new messages in published. The printed edition of postilion will not be delivered to over 80,925,000 subscribers in Germany alone.

A spokesman for the postilion said that the Journal would a stand against set the institutionalized slapstick of the 1st of April:’ Who takes people through specific false reports on the arm so shaken confidence in a critical press, ” the spokesman said.’ But let it not with ! postilion readers do not want any tall tales, but honest, independent and fast news and has been since 1845′.

There are also unconfirmed rumors, according to which the editor April 1, just as an excuse exploited to make a day of vacation.

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