Study: deportation by the Nazis would relieve Treasury billions

Study: deportation by the Nazis would relieve Treasury billions

Berlin ( archive) – A new study commissioned by the Ministry of Economy is currently causing a stir in Berlin. It reveals that the Federal Republic of Germany could save around 100 billion euros annually by a consistent policy of deportation against Nazis. The reason for the extreme right are likely to be unemployed, violent and formed worse than the average population.

‘ From a financial perspective, we recommend that you create all the Nazis soon as possible out of the country, “said Prof. Friedbert Geiger, one of the authors of the study, at a press conference in Berlin.’ And better now than later.’

National pests demonstrate From the analysis reveals, among other things, that 63.4 percent of all neo- Nazis and right-wing extremists are unemployed. So that they are well above the national mean and ultimately parasitic way the German taxpayer on the pocket.

reasons for the high unemployment among Nazis were, inter alia, low education, at best a rudimentary command of the German language and lack of suitability of character.

the few Nazis who have yet found a job, also have a negative effect on the economy. You take away the jobs of decent Germans.

Furthermore, the researchers found that Nazis are far more often involved in fights and violent crimes than the general population. As a result, justice and health systems are loaded.

Should disappear to where they came from: Nazis, especially in the Union parties should deport Nazis widely supported, as well as in terms of integration, the study looks serious shortcomings in fascist skinhead Nazi

Frightening is also that Nazis constantly produce because of their mother cult and a strong desire to preserve the white race, new small bald children.

Da’ Nazis out !’ according to a recent survey by pollster Opinion Control the majority of the people behind the statement stands, it could soon reach a bipartisan agreement on the extreme right to be deported over the next few years successively abroad. Some countries such as Turkey, Afghanistan, Israel and Somalia have already indicated that they would like to include as many Nazis from Germany as possible.

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