Resurfaced in Saarland flying kites disappeared boy (9 ) in Prague

Resurfaced in Saarland flying kites disappeared boy (9 ) in Prague

Saarbrucken, Prague – relief in Saarbrucken: One morning in Saarland reported as missing boy (9 ) has just been found sitting by American tourists on a Prague church tower. Before his disappearance of the little Timmy was last seen in how he played on a field on the outskirts of the Saarland state capital with an apparently self-made dragon. Little Timmy (9 ) and his tattered kites were found

up here.’ A couple from near Chicago, which is currently making holidays in Prague, took him around 11 clock on the tower of St. Nicholas Church’, tells a Czech police spokesman. The boy was completely soaked and have had numerous minor injuries that looked as if they were caused by birds. In his hand he still held the cord of his completely tattered dragon festumklammert.

How could the little Timmy from Saarbruecken arrive within just one hour to 600 km distant Prague, will probably remain a mystery, because the boy himself no clear statement seemed capable.

Timmy’s parents are relieved, but also angry about her son.’ Against 9:30 am asked if he could get out to send up his kite the Small. I have allowed him so he would not hang around all the Easter holidays at home,’says the boy’s mother.’ I Definitely not him but allows it settles to Prague.’

After his return Timmy expect at least five weeks of house arrest and strict ban on television. In addition, his dragon will be confiscated, as soon as he can free himself from his clenched hands.

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