Finally chicks shredding makes sense: McDonald’s introduces McBabyChicken

Finally chicks shredding makes sense: McDonald's introduces McBabyChicken

Munich – The senseless killing of millions of newly hatched male chicks in the egg industry will soon be history. How McDonald’s Germany announced today that the young cocks are no longer die in vain, but a sustained further prepared: you end up in delicious new McBabyChicken (3.79 ).

‘ We McDonald’s do not want to look away when gassed in Germany 50 million male chicks or shredded and then simply thrown away,’ said a company spokeswoman.’ That’s why we are more than proud to present, in cooperation with the egg industry the new McBabyChicken. In the future, dies no more day-old chicks for free.’

An employee of a laying factory scoops male chickens before they are shredded ( scene from a ZDF – Doku). For the new burger that should be available in the menu for saving 6,19 € ( McBabyChicken, fried, soft drink), the chicks are shredded finely chopped, seasoned and then mashed into small patties.

The main advantage over the meat of adult animals: Because they are so young and tender, the chicks can be processed without loss of flavor, including claws, feathers, beaks and bones.

According to rumors, the competition could follow suit soon. So Burger King is currently working meticulously on hatchling King, KFC Grilled Gourmet during the chicklet of Kentucky Fried Chicken is supposedly already waiting in the wings.

With the launch of McBabyChicken but takes McDonalds once again playing a pioneering role in the processing of otherwise unused material a. 1985, the company had with the McRib found a good use for old tires, asbestos and pig noses.

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