Against Stehpinkler: EU stipulates that toilet seats must be securely mounted

Against Stehpinkler: EU stipulates that toilet seats must be securely mounted

Brussels – Europe dedicated to the very private needs of its citizens: Under the new directive on Sitzpinklerschutz, approved today in Brussels, toilet seats must continue to fixedly mounted on the toilet bowl or be installed seamlessly. Thus, the hygiene in public and private sanitary facilities should be significantly improved and harmonized throughout the EU.

For years the Sitzpinklerschutz is controversial at European level. For example, a 2010 study by the European Commission found that in Europe around 826 million liters a year in urine pee standing in the immediate vicinity of toilets get valuable urine that is missing now and lowers the water table.

New toilets’ll manufactured in series from a single source.’ Loose toilet seats were previously downright an invitation to pee standing’ explains the Dane Jens Iversen, advertises since 1997 in the European Parliament for revision. But only since also equality politician of the matter have assumed the concern found the necessary approval in Parliament. Since there is still more women than men urinate sitting, are permanently mounted toilet seats especially their protection, so the argument of the new adherents. fault

Critics of the scheme, however, that this does not die Stehpinkler also of rigidly mounted toilet seats diverted from their habits. Rather, the situation on European toilets get so aggravated even further. In your opinion, the problem is only by lowering the ceiling height in toilets to a maximum of 1.50 meters / – solve sustainable country average size coefficient according to EU Directive 75 /258 / EC.

DIY and plumbing companies expect in the coming months with increased hoarding conventional toilet seats before the new rules for Sitzpinklerschutz to 01.01.2016 entered into force. Then unannounced inspections to ensure that the law is observed also in private households from March 2016. Any violations will be punished on the spot by the paid riveting of the toilet seat.

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