Was this the last winter? Planned final changeover to summer time

Was this the last winter? Planned final changeover to summer time

Berlin (archive ) – Can we soon enjoy year-round mild temperatures so as we are used from late March to late October? A bipartisan initiative of members of the government camp and the opposition wants to achieve just that with a new law that empowers Germany after the scheduled time change on Sunday to remain in the summer time forever.

‘ winter may well be quite nice for countries with large ski areas such as Switzerland and Austria, but Germany the cold season pays just do not,’ said a spokesman for the initiative.’ During the daylight saving time is in this country generally have lower unemployment, the economy is rebounding, and tourism is booming. Now we want all year.’

One more time and never again. Result: Forever Summer ! Also, most environmental organizations signal green light. Do you expect from permanent summer time high CO2 savings, because significantly less must be heated. In addition, the floor load would decrease by road salt. Farmers’ organizations in turn welcome expectable revenue by year-round sowing and harvesting.

But there are also critical voices. Especially in southern Germany, where a white Christmas, curling, and sledding are popular, many are demanding that the winter is maintained. Therefore, there is already a compromise, proposals for the gradual elimination of the winter over ten years. Other alternatives would be different winter and summer time zones north and south of the Main or a greatly shortened winter from mid -December to mid-January.

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