Regrets tabloid reporter not to have been live in the crashed machine

Regrets tabloid reporter not to have been live in the crashed machine

Holders at the lake – it would be the scoop of the century have been: Free reporter Sven Talschner (37 ) deeply regrets that he was not sitting on board the Airbus A320 crashed the airline German Wings. Finally, he would do there not only great photos of horrified passengers, but can also capture many sound bites.

Screenshot image. de (click to enlarge )’ If I had been on board the machine, then I’d be a made man and would not have to interview random passers- holders’, is Talschner that his stories usually the Image newspaper, and various private broadcaster offers, with conviction.’ Excuse me, did you know anyone from the dead? No? Not even for 75 euros? Oh, you are a journalist? Pff, then do not.’

Several times the full-blooded reporter has played in thought, as he would have acted.’ The first thing I would have grabbed my camera and tried to capture the anxiety of the passengers first hand. And of course I would have asked them how they feel now. Then I would have tried about getting someone from the crew for a short interview.’ Also, the moment when the locked- pilot tried to break open the cockpit door, his opinion would have discharged priceless artwork.

Immediately after the crash would Talschner of course, been the same as the first journalist at the crash site and had stunning photos can customize the wreckage scattered everywhere long before the area had been cordoned off by the French police.

‘ But unfortunately you can not always have happiness in life,’ sighs Talschner.’Wait a moment. Is there in front not just someone collapsed in tears? Nothing like !’

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