Million children treated wrong: Heal, Heal blessing totally ineffective

Million children treated wrong: Heal, Heal blessing totally ineffective

Heidelberg ( archive) – Have millions of suffering children for generations mistreated by their parents? An extensive study of the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research has shown that rhymes like’ Heal, Heal blessing’ or’ Heal, heal goslings’ have no demonstrable effect. Parents, despite these new findings continue to provide first aid with nursery rhymes, threatening serious consequences.

For the study, researchers observed the healing process of 100 children with mild injuries ( so-called Auas or aches and pains ). 50 of the children were provided with’ Heal, Heal blessing’ or’ Heal, heal goslings’, the other 50 were untreated. The surprising result: All injuries healed equally fast.

Even the weather the next few days is not important for the healing process’ in If children after treatment with a’ Heal, Heal blessing’ actually feel better, so this is entirely due to a placebo effect,’ says Dr. Werner Kosalik, who led the study.’ The actual medicinal effect, however, is similar to homeopathic remedies zero.’

Also practiced in many households blow to minor injuries is completely useless from a medical point of view. This could Kosalik in a previous study that has already been published in the British Medical Journal 2007 show. The situation is similar with the’ kiss away’.

Kosaliks findings could soon have very concrete consequences: parents, children continue to treat the injury with inefficient nursery rhymes, must expect to be prosecuted for non-assistance


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