Anchor of stability in the Middle East bombarded neighboring country

Anchor of stability in the Middle East bombarded neighboring country

Riyadh, Sanaa – Will the Middle East be more stable? In the night of Thursday, Saudi Arabia has attacked positions of the Houthi rebels in neighboring Yemen and apparently is preparing a major war before use. The designated anchor of stability in the region will thus probably contribute to peace and security in the Middle East as had already been the allies in Iraq.

‘ The Rules guarantor of the entire Arab region Saudi Arabia now doing everything that the federal government had hoped to make their repeated arms sales to the UK, says security expert Oskar Renger.’You can grab the thanks of the Saudi Arabian impending bombing stability in Yemen formally.’

This town is stabilized. Renger particularly impressed with the vision of former Defence Minister Thomas de Maizière, who supported the’ moderating role’ Saudi Arabia with the export of German weapons.’ This pays off especially now that the country with a 150,000 -strong force moderation is on the border with Yemen and his Jets moderate yields bombs’, said the expert.’ A country with so many different stakeholders such as the Assad regulator… Pardon: the government forces of the deposed president, the Houthi rebels, al- Qaeda and various tribal groups longs just begs that someone would come from the outside and brings a little stability’.

Renger also warned against hasty condemnation of Saudi Arabia due to the suppression of its own people and the application of Sharia law.’ In such a situation should not get too into focus that. After all, Saudi Arabia, have you thought about this before? an anchor of stability in the Middle East.’

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