Majority of mailman in truth Ninjas with you were not to be found – notes

Majority of mailman in truth Ninjas with you were not to be found - notes

Bonn, Aschaffenburg, Hamburg – That explains a lot: How to research by the postilion showed is around three quarters of the delivery of important parcel services such as DHL, DPD and Hermes for well-trained ninjas. Its main qualification apparently is possible unnoticed note or card with the message’ Sorry, we have not personally encountered today’ mailboxes or deliver to the front doors of the respective recipients.

packages have the ninja deliverer apparently not even in the luggage so as not to restrict their agility. The collection of the item in the nearest branch falls then the receivers to the load, the more often wonder why their delivery could not be delivered, even though they were all day at home.

Or so see the left by the Ninjas list of probably the questionable personnel policies of the companies concerned due to the legendary stealth abilities of the ninja messengers had never been exposed, had not now taken hold resentment among the last remaining regular parcel delivery:’ That already started about a decade ago that the parcel delivery company have slowly changed their staff against these Ninjas’ explains a Whistleblower who has never gotten his new colleagues themselves to face.’ The create the route much faster than conventional messengers who were also always once again caught by the receiver in how they want to throw the note in the mailbox. Of the ninjas even he holds in his own words a little.’ They do but only this shit jobs because they want to hire these days no one to discharge private feuds or to assassinate the Shogun.’

Supposedly take the silent warriors only three silver coins and a bag of rice as payment, which will be deposited by the parcel delivery once a month on a hiding place previously agreed.

In a first reaction both DHL and Hermes have been large-scale use granted by ninjas. However, according to DHL, customers and recipients do not have to worry about their safety.’Our ninjas are indeed formed according Bansenshukai and Sh┼Źninki after all the martial arts, but use their fantastic skills exclusively concerning the delivery of the intended cards’ appeases a company spokesman.

The statement of an affected Ninjas was not to obtain, as the editor of the postilion at the meeting point only a piece of paper with the message ” Unfortunately we have not met in person today’ vorfand.

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