2018 World Cup in Russia will also take place in the winter

2018 World Cup in Russia will also take place in the winter

Moscow – Russia A Winter’s Tale: After the World Cup 2022 has already been laid in Qatar in the winter, Russia adapts to the new trend. The planned there in 2018 World Cup finals will now also take place in November and December, as the Russian Football Union RFS announced. FIFA welcomed the move as a dress rehearsal for Qatar.

RFS spokesman Viktor Shcherbakov said:’ Before deciding to winter World Cup in Qatar we did not realize that it is possible at all, not to host a World Cup in the summer.’ He was confident that the climatic conditions of the Russian winter should not cause any problems to the players.’ In December it is our most 20 to 35 degrees below zero, “he said.’ So we expect perfectly acceptable playing conditions.’

Tickets are still available ! The Russian Orthodox Church has already signaled the green light, as the Christmas party after the Russian calendar is celebrated in January. A final on 12/24/2018 So am nothing in the way.

For the tournament had to be taken only minor changes in the regulations in buying, said Shcherbakov. So the players will be served throughout the finals in the half-time de-icing spray instead of ice spray and grog are used for heating. The only imported Vanishing spray too will temporarily give way to a far more effective in frozen grass kick Bunsen burner that each referee had to carry with you.

At the FIFA Looking at the Russian Winter Cup as a sort of test run for the controversial tournament in Qatar, as FIFA spokesman Paul Desnoyers told:’ When in Russia everything goes smoothly, it can also be in the winter 2022 fold in Qatar,’

According to Shcherbakov Russia is fully behind the new winter schedule. At the same time he denied a journalist’s question whether freezing temperatures and snowy venues of the Russian team might bring benefits. Teams from countries with temperate climates he was kind enough to even a well-intentioned advice:’. Our opponents can pull your socks up’

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