Embarrassing ! Merkel contributes to meeting with Alexis Tsipras no tie

Embarrassing ! Merkel contributes to meeting with Alexis Tsipras no tie

Berlin – Is It Possible to represent his country? At their meeting with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Chancellor Angela Merkel has appeared without a tie and thus has provoked an international scandal. Critics accuse her of having compromised with their breaches of etiquette their Greek guests.

‘ As Chancellor of the strongest economy in Europe, one can not let go so’, blames the former Ambassador of Switzerland Philippe Carlin.’ On the international stage clear dress codes, about which one can not simply defies shall apply. This is like a middle finger in the face of the Greek delegation.’

Especially piquant: Tsipras seemed to slip the Chancellor indeed to have taken note of the highly embarrassing situation for all involved but dubbed sent and did not let on. Apparently he did not want to further increase the embarrassment to the Chancellor.

It is not yet clear how Merkel wants to repair the damage by their faux pas on the international stage again. However, it would be the least if the Chancellor suited her duped guest to any future negotiations full cost what it may.

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