Sun residents ignore partial Erdfinsternis completely

Sun residents ignore partial Erdfinsternis completely

Sun – the sun went million inhabitants today despite a partial Erdfinsternis continue their daily employment by without appreciating the rare phenomenon as a glance. Also in the stellar media of much of the sun clearly recognizable Erdfinsternis was barely mentioned

Has better things to do than to stare stupidly at the sky. Sun residents’ issues? Partial Erdfinsternis? Never heard of’, confirmed a Lavawesen, that is about to wild blaze.’ Oh, that’s because this spot, over northern Europe. Pfff, I do not care. Until just I did not even know that have ever NEN Moon’

A randomly vorbeischwirrender ball lightning crackles approvingly:’. If it were at least a Saturn eclipse. Then I would maybe look at that. But the earth is probably really the most boring of our nine planets. Pardon, eight, most recently’

it is said counter clock 74 83 ( solar time ) was entirely neglected natural phenomenon over.

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