CDU appoint Sigmar Gabriel Honorary Member

CDU appoint Sigmar Gabriel Honorary Member

Berlin – Finally is a tribute to his work. The CDU has Sigmar Gabriel today appointed during a ceremony honorary member. Reason were his great service to the goals of the party, said the chancellor and party leader Angela Merkel of the hastily arranged event at Konrad -Adenauer – house.

‘ Sigmar Gabriel is becoming again for Christian-democratic politics and strengthens the Union sustainably,’said Merkel. They praised for its versatility with which the honored insets both liberal issues as well as ultra-conservative interests.’ He fights tirelessly for the FTA TTIP, he blessed private investors by promoting public-private partnerships, and now he even makes sure that the data retention is. We want to show our appreciation.’

At the same time the Chancellor encouraged her Minister to use his first purely symbolic honorary membership as the start of a political career in the CDU:’ You are young, your political views is unmistakable who knows, maybe one day you will Vice Chancellor’ joked Merkel.

One thing is Gabriel for a flying start in the CDU, however, in the way: Supposedly, the 55 -year-old member of a marginal party, which describes itself as a’ social democratic’ already. However, the outlet should be a formality.

rumors of a possible honorary membership in the CDU Gabriel haunted before today’s ceremony for months through the capital. Originally a solemn admission to both parties Union was planned according to insider information at all. The CSU had, however, unmistakably clear, in spite of his services to the conservative Christian thing only to remember Gabriel with an honorary membership if it will increase its consumption of beer and starts properly to agitate against foreigners and asylum seekers.

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