World Chess Championship: Magnus Carlsen continues to play despite sprain synapses

World Chess Championship: Magnus Carlsen continues to play despite sprain synapses

Sochi – Magnus Carlsen has suffered a nasty head injury in the World Chess Championship in Sochi. As was only now, the Norwegians came in the sixth game against the Indians Viswanathan Anand on Saturday a heavy strain synapses in the left hemisphere to when he misjudged in a daring train. At yesterday’s closing day Carlsen therefore had to completely adjust to relieve his battered synapses and to speed up the healing process of thinking.

The Misfortune underwent the Norwegians after 26 train the sixth game when he moved his king on d2 d1 place to protect its farmers.’ At the moment, I’ve released the figure, I realized that something has pulled in my head,’ said Carlsen against the postilion . Even more neurons and cell processes were considered in the kopfzerbrecherischen maneuvers affected.

Despite his injuries, the 23 -year-old chess prodigy

could win the game because it was not possible Anand to use the violation of his battered opponents. The World Cup tournament Carlsen probably be able to play to the end, and his doctor Thorben Magnussen:’ He has mainly regenerated during his thinking ban yesterday with the reading of the Twilight books and the autobiography of Boris Becker and recovered better than we had imagined.’

In the upcoming World Cup game on Monday the Scandinavians will only take a cooling head bandage that will hinder him in the game only a little. A change of chess to the less complex game’ Ludo’ had previously been rejected by Anand.

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