We are Nobel Prize winners ! Excitement on Wissenschaftsfanmeile in Berlin

We are Nobel Prize winners ! Excitement on Wissenschaftsfanmeile in Berlin

Berlin cheer, trumpets, horns, roar – so it will probably go on the Wissenschaftsfanmeile front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin until late into the night. After 2007, it is with Stefan Hell finally a German scientist managed to win the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in Germany. Already 2013 German science enthusiasts were happy about omitted the Nobel Prize in medicine.

There is currently among the approximately 300th 000 fans gathered unbridled enthusiasm.’ Unbelievable, I still can not believe,’ stammers about the already slightly tipsy chemistry fanatics novel Lievermann (32 ) of the grouping Ultra Bright Angels.’ That it would be so soon work with a title again after 2013, I would never have dreamed of. ! Schalalala’

Has won the prize home: Stefan W. Even Nicole Bright Friday ( 19) has followed with friends the award is enthusiastic:’ How has developed the super -resolution fluorescence microscopy, I already find strong! I am interested not usually so for science. But the Nobel Prize ceremonies, because I am feverish then ever. I got me this year even brought the new fan lab coat !’

Many Nobel Prize has long been a fan knew that Hell would one day win the whole big thing about Ben Amelang (38 ) of Brandenburg.’ My son and I have looked at the ceremony today with friends at home on TV before we went out here. That’s goosebumps !’ He himself had always believed in Hell and pursued his career many years ago attentive when he nor his doctoral thesis’ transparent mapping microstructures in the confocal microscope’ sat.’ One has then already seen that the boy can be a really good time, a great talent ! And, although he is a trained physicist actually !’

Stefan Hell’s employer, the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Gottingen, announced a few hours after the announcement of the Nobel committee that all Stefan Hell merchandising products from the sticker scrapbook to the periodic table in the Stefan -Hellman fan Edition are completely sold out, until further notice, and announced as soon as possible to ensure supplies.

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