View of Blockupy riots from the 43rd floor of the ECB’s new fantastic

View of Blockupy riots from the 43rd floor of the ECB's new fantastic

Frankfurt – So you can experience the riots around the ECB opening only here! As several bankers and politicians unanimously report, the new building of the European Central Bank simply offers the best view over the violent Blockupy protests in Frankfurt. Another plus: Due to the full climate permeates absolutely no smoke upwards.

‘ If we were here at the opera, were the quasi box seats at the back with the better cushioned seats’, says one of the present central bank chiefs of the action together with other guests at the opening ceremony at the 43rd floor of the building observed.’ Too bad that I left my opera glasses at home.’

Only the acoustics could be better for his opinion.’ Since you already sometimes wishes they would be a little closer and would hear the rays of water guns clap on the faces of the demonstrators. Or you could smell the gasoline burned at least. But It Is just not have it all’

Time and again we hear whispering individual guests:’. What a unique panorama’,’ Look, Mario, back there burns a car again’,’ Are there any more ! of these Lachsschnittchen?’

What is the protests and whether they are justified, no one knows the 43rd floor so very well.’ Something with austerity and the consequences for the population?’ Speculates the one.’ Envy on this great view?’ Speculates another. Ultimately, however, it should not play a role, because in the end anyway, all talk about the shameful acts of violence several 100 masked idiots.

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