Victims in the Middle East conflict hope to mirror cover, which they finally said, who’s to blame

Victims in the Middle East conflict hope to mirror cover, which they finally said, who's to blame

Gaza, Jerusalem, Hamburg – After the appearance of the current Mirror -Titelbilds germinates hope in the Middle East conflict. In a statement relatives of victims appealed to both sides of the Mirror Publishing House, to name the culprits for the suffering in the region in large letters on the front page as possible in its next issue. After the magazine has a clear this week that the question of guilt when MH17 – firing once and for all, it was time to raise awareness in other international hotspots.

A strikingly similar: Title page of the ex- employer of Mirror -Hauptstadtburoleiter Nikolaus Blome’ We are very excited to whom the research of the Mirror as the ghastly Erzbosewicht the Middle East conflict identify which only needs to be stopped to allow all’ again tolerated, it says in the letter of Israeli and Palestinian victims’ associations.

As a result, the cost of the magazine well worth that they wanted to still send this week 200 images of deaths at the Mirror editorial office in Hamburg to support the design work on the cover.

In a first reaction to the statement was the Mirror Publishing House announced Tuesday that was’ something with the dangers of the Internet or Hitler’ planned in the next week actually planned for the front page. Also, too many mirrors journalists were currently unfortunately still involved in various portraits of Putin’s morning toilet and favorite ice cream places. In addition, they wanted only to wait until the’ Picture’ newspaper has claimed responsibility for a clearly guilty in the Middle East conflict to really stand on the right side as well.

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