Varoufakis makes it clear: I have no left middle finger

Varoufakis makes it clear: I have no left middle finger

Athens – Apparently, the German media, a brazen forgery have been misled. How Yanis Varoufakis today made ​​clear at a press conference that he has on his left hand no middle finger. Images that show him with his finger, were targeted forgeries, the Greek Finance

‘ Since I was born I have on my left hand -. Hnnnngh ! – No middle finger,’said an unusually pale acting Varoufakis, as he tapped the point at which said finger should actually are. Meanwhile, he had learned to live with this handicap.

that now appear fake videos and pictures that suggest that he had a finger there, with whom he might offend other people or even countries, was outrageous.’ I expect a public apology by Gunther Jauch !’, So Varoufakis angry.

Then he broke the only ten-minute press conference early, because it was a bit dim and he felt an urgent need to go to the hospital.

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