Unable to enumerate majority of Germans all 14 provinces

Unable to enumerate majority of Germans all 14 provinces

Munich – the Germans Become more stupid? A recent survey conducted by the polling institute’ Opinion Control’ suggests at least that it is not looking good at the geographical knowledge of most Germans. Of 433 representatively selected people could only one seventh (13 percent) to list all 14 states of the Federal Republic of Germany.

‘ Baden – Wurttemberg, Bavaria, Saxony, Berlin, Thuringia, Brandenburg, Bremen, North Rhine – Westphalia, Hamburg, Saarland, Schleswig – Holstein, Mecklenburg – Vorpommern, Saxony and Rhineland -Palatinate – actually, one would think, that the’ hardly prepares someone too much difficulty, says Heinz Geiwasser, the head of the Institute.

Barely 56 of the respondents had succeeded in really every ten old and to name the four new states.’25 Years after the fall of the Wall that’s an embarrassing result,’said Geiwasser.

How to entire countries can easily forget, is also available for educational policy makers Joachim Lechner ( CDU) incomprehensible:’ The 14 federal states should anyone can enumerate in his sleep, “he wrote on Thursday at Twitter. He is now demanding that the geography lesson again to be memorized more.

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