Ukraine: ceasefire by many small truces between individual shots replaced

Ukraine: ceasefire by many small truces between individual shots replaced

Kiev, Donetsk – Is this the solution to the rutted situation in Ukraine? Explanations of both camps, according to the government and the rebels have now agreed on an unlimited number of one to several seconds of truces between individual shots. This approach ensures that even with continued fighting between some localized conquer peace, a spokesman for the government in Kiev.

must henceforth be silent between shots: Artillery After a full ceasefire had already failed shortly after its entry into force on Sunday (we reported previously ), the new system provides clear limitations. Thus, the new cross- ceasefire will officially always briefly exposed if somewhere in Ukraine a shot is fired. But after they kick straight back into force unless it directly follow more shots.

‘ So basically there are very many mini ceasefires that may occur as between shots of a machine gun,’ said a spokesman for the separatists in Donetsk. This meant that the interests of both parties, despite a ceasefire to conquer as much enemy territory, best preserved.

Both sides gave confidence to be able to replace the many small ceasefires by a permanent, once they have wiped out the other side.

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