Too expensive and inefficient: Government is a controversial chemtrail program

Too expensive and inefficient: Government is a controversial chemtrail program

Berlin – It was often criticized, now it is close to collapse, the federal government announced today to stop the controversial chemtrail program for poisoning the population after 19 years at the month end. Base were increased costs and inefficiencies often visible in the sky for hours chemicals strip, so federal spokesman Steffen Seibert.

‘ The government would not go so far as to call the program a failure, but the desired effect did not occur to the extent that was expected,’ said Seibert. So are the German people themselves after years of chemtrail application still reasonably fertile, not as hoped charged the arable land in fatal degree with barium and did not decrease the temperatures in Germany. A total of toxic chemicals were sprayed with a value of around 310 billion euros.

An estimated 80 percent of the toxic chemicals were blown sea or in neighboring countries. The setting of the program, the government comes to the long -standing demands of the Federal Court, the chemtrails had repeatedly criticized as unprofitable. At its launch in 1996 under Helmut Kohl had the plan, using chemicals of commercial aircraft over a large area to disperse in the atmosphere, yet been considered indicative. In recent years the concept but was increasingly called into question and viewed as an unnecessary waste of taxpayer money.

The Illuminati, the US secret government and world Jewry have now confirmed the termination of all agreements about chemtrails in Germany.

The federal government has announced to focus instead of the previous chemtrail measures in the future to less costly alternatives to poisoning of the population, such as vaccination or the contamination of food.

By the end of the month it will take until the last stored in the basement of the Ministry of Environment poison stocks are exhausted. Then flying over Germany airliners will leave for the first time in nearly two decades only conventional condensed gases in the sky.

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