Tolkien has lied? Apparently invented the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings free

Tolkien has lied? Apparently invented the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings free

Cambridge – Shortly after the successful film release’ The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies’ makes a terrible suspicion the round: Has JRR Tolkien, who revered by many author of the original novel, lied to his readers? At least that a group of researchers at the prestigious University of Cambridge, which has the’ Hobbit’ and’ Lord of the Rings trilogy checked for their veracity.

According to Tolkien had his reputation systematically used this as a distinguished professor at Oxford, to falsify factual reports about the experiences of alien peoples as’ hobbits’ or’ same’. Neither in’ The Hobbit’ in the’ Lord of the Rings trilogy was also only contain a grain of truth.

Did probably not what he should write, and therefore has just thought of something: JRR Tolkien’We are completely neutral on the stories of Tolkien range considered,’ says Dean Harris, Professor of Ethnology, Cambridge.’ But gradually we realized that Mr. Tolkien has performed around the world by the nose. The adventures of the hobbit Bilbo and Frodo, Gollum’s the tragic fate of the battle of Helm’s Deep all a pack of lies.’

Especially perfidious: To give his fabrications credibility, the philologist invented several languages ​​and put complete histories of without any connection to reality, to which he referred in his stories.

‘ Overall, it must be said that hobbits, elves, orcs and dragons there, unlike claimed by Tolkien, not’ Harris concludes. Also on Rivendell Esgaroth or even a fabled treasure in a’Mountain Erebor’ find themselves throughout the Western historiography of the past millennia not a clue.

The question is, what after these revelations with the books happen Tolkien levels and the resulting film adaptations to. Scientists recommend Cambridge, for the time being to banish the work of libraries, cinemas and film distributors. It was in any case unlikely that anyone still interested in this, now that the truth has come to light.

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