Teenager nearly drowned in his own spit, because the bus was late

Teenager nearly drowned in his own spit, because the bus was late

Magdeburg – For a life threatening situation has occurred in Madgeburg yesterday. There was drowned a 15 – year-old youth almost in his own spit as he waited at a remote station in New Olvenstedt district for a delayed bus. Only at the last second, he was rescued by an attentive passersby.

According to the police show still images of a surveillance camera, as the youth against the 16th 30 clock arrives at the bus stop. A witness, who initially was also waiting for the bus before it left the station half an hour later, stated that the 15 -year-old during this period still’ like a perfectly healthy young people’ worked, and accordingly approximately every 15 to 20 seconds on the ground spat.

fateful bus delays at: Spuckerei An evaluation of the camera images showed that the adolescents 5:50 p.m. to 18:00 clock so deeply stuck in his own spit that he could not breathe. Residue on the glass walls of the ideally positioned in a slight dip waiting cottage show that the salivary level must have now reached more than two meters. Although the 15 -year-old could swim, but in the viscous mass his forces dwindled rapidly. To complicate matters further, that he during his struggle for survival, according to police weiterspuckte continuously and thereby his situation only worsened. A 51 -year-old passer young people eventually rescued by boldly plunged into the water and pulled the unconscious ashore. A mouth-to- mouth resuscitation, the Savior could not bring claims to be.

The mother of the boy, who is now out of danger in order to report for negligent injury to the local transport, now.

Yesterday’s event is not the only case waiting teens got into the bus stops in front of buildings or in danger. Back in 2007, there had been a similar accident in Lower Saxony Wilhelmshaven. There are two 14 year old boys could but at the last minute to save themselves by the presence of mind subjected to particularly tough saliva threads on the roof of the observatory cottage, where they were eventually picked up by a boat in the water rescue and brought to safety.

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