Teenager jealous because pensioners always have time to gamble and Facebook

Teenager jealous because pensioners always have time to gamble and Facebook

Munich – About 87 percent of teenagers 13-19 are envious of pensioners, because they have the whole day for video and computer games and surfing the Internet and social networks like Facebook. This is the conclusion the research institute Opinion Control , which surveyed 1,003 young people all over Germany.

‘ Wow, retirees have it full well’ is about Dennis S. ( 18) from Bremen convinced.’ They must not go to school and do not have to work too. The hanging determines the whole day on WoW rum and leveling up high crude. So I imagine the sky before’

I wish I’d ancient: Teens Most female teenage suspect, however, that German seniors’. Astray much what appen depend on forums, watch YouTube or Farmville and SingStar play’

But the great age has other advantages. the 15- year-old Kevin T. from Iserlohn estimates because apart from being able’ to get at everything from 18′ and’ prescribed medication to get crass’ mainly on financial considerations:’ I heard the old man get at least 359 euros pension. In The Month! The buy certainly always the newest iPhone and can also make their Wii original Nintendo controller and not so cheap that break the same. The lucky ones !’

According answered at least 59 percent of the young people whether they would like to skip the next 40 years to be instantly old,’ Yes ​​, lied !’

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