Study: weight training without weights much easier than with

Study: weight training without weights much easier than with

Ebersberg – Fitness fans! Apparently dumbbell exercises such as bench press associated with much less effort when they are performed without weights. These are the findings of a recent study by the Institute of Health Germany. According to subjects who trained as part of the test series without weights, persevered on average, much longer than subjects with weights.

The findings are based on simple mathematical principles: A 30- kilogram weight load on the body twice as much as a 15 – pound weight. Lifting a 10 -kilogram weight, however only requires one-third of the expense. Leaving the weight completely gone, the burden is almost zero.

dumbbell workout without dumbbell The idea of ​​free weight dumbbell training was study director Holger Martens at one of his gym visits. Because all the barbells were occupied, Mertens led despite warnings of his coach the usual biceps curl without weights through with amazing result: Not only did he lasted longer Duch, his body got used even so quickly to the new training that Mertens because of the lack of perspiration even could save the time-consuming shower after sport.

Especially in the field of seniors sport weight free weight training due to the significantly lower stress on the joints could be used. Another advantage: No weights are significantly cheaper than free weights to purchase

Currently, researchers from Ebersberg want to find out in another study, whether it is even easier and less time-consuming if you leave out the training completely.. The current series of experiments that will include 30 subjects, runs until the end of June.

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