Study: Wage payments cause billion-dollar losses for German companies

Study: Wage payments cause billion-dollar losses for German companies

Hamburg – Long business associations warned, now an independent study confirmed the suspicion wage payments to workers add German companies annually billions in damage to. To this finding, the Department of Economic economy was in a large-scale study in the course of which more than 3,000 local businesses and enterprises were put under the microscope.

weaken the economy with their greed: workers’ The figures are alarming,’ says economist Harald Glockner.’ In recent years, wage costs accounted for an average of two -thirds of all corporate spending. One can only imagine what could be done for huge profits when this item would not be annoying.’

Many employees was neither aware of the enormous financial damage they inflict their employer through their monthly wages and emoluments nor that it will ultimately threaten even their own workplace. In this climate of egoism, it has become difficult for many companies to pay only the barest record returns to its shareholders.

Given the appalling results of the study is now calling the employers’ association a nationwide maximum wage for employees. Otherwise, let Germany widely expected to Executive Chef protests and strikes.

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