Study: Nine out of ten men firecrackers too early

Study: Nine out of ten men firecrackers too early

Tubingen – The traditional fireworks at zero clock is regarded as the culmination of a successful New Year’s Eve. However, as researchers at the University of Tubingen have now found Bollert a majority of men too soon. The reasons for the premature missile launch ( Explosion praecox ) are varied and partly psychological. The length of the fuse does not play a role.

‘ men lay in preparing for the New Year’s Eve fireworks in general much more ambitious in’, said the medical Prof. Dr. Manfred Schick.’ This means that they often firecrackers too early sheer anticipation already partly days in advance.’ If there really was then Item 12 Clock New Year’s Eve, some people have already fired his entire powder.

With him, the risk is great that he Bollert too early with excitement.’ And finally, there are also those who are so drunk that they get high no more rocket at midnight,’ says Schick.’ But that seems to be more the exception. At least most explain afterwards that them it could never happen’

affected men -. Fight over 90 percent, according to the study Explosion praecox – the doctor advises to discuss the New Year’s Eve fireworks in advance with the partner or the partner together.’ So much nervousness can be taken when the time has come.’ A gentle foreplay with sparklers or some firecrackers could help, insecure men slowly added to derive the solemn climax.

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