Study: Deo cheaper than showers

Study: Deo cheaper than showers

Darmstadt – In order to combat body odor, the use of deodorant is significantly cheaper than a complete shower. This was revealed by a study conducted on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce study of WifOR Institute. For the study, ten students were cleaned every day for six months under hot running water, a further ten were allowed only the use of a commercial antiperspirants in the same period. At the end of the study was clear: Those who renounces the whole body wash, saves money.

As per shower incurred costs of approximately 1.50 euros, the purchase of a deodorant has already paid for itself after two to three inserts. Depending on the number of sweeps savings can be several hundred euros to each socket. For people who usually take a bath every day, the savings are even multiples thereof.

Investments are still far too much money in their hygiene: showering Woman In applying the approach, make according to researchers only it, but every five months to take a shower to get the full range of motion of the arms.

investigator Prof. Dr. Leonhard Fischer shows the outcome of the study surprised:’ Although we had expected a slight advantage for the Spruhhygiene, but this significant earnings took us by surprise.’ First results of another experiment also suggested that there could be other cheaper to mere avoidance of unpleasant odors, both shower and to refrain Deo and just do not go out of the house. Here, however, is still needed basic research, Fischer said.

Some of the subjects feels vindicated with the announcement of the results in a long-held suspicion.’ I put much emphasis on thrift, to each afford me the latest games can’ says about Jens K. from the group of Deonutzer.’ It’s amazing that I have been doing quite intuitive optimized my body grooming habits financially.’ Another major advantage of the mere Einparfumierens has the economical computer science student in any case already identified:’ No girlfriend also saves money let it fly !’

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