Study: 90 % of all Germans inadequately prepared to abduction by UFO

Study: 90 % of all Germans inadequately prepared to abduction by UFO

Berlin – A majority of the German population is not or only very poorly prepared for an alien abduction. This resulted in an investigation by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, Berlin. Thus, only one in ten of 200 representatively selected subjects could respond appropriately in a simulated emergency situation. Subjects of comparable studies in the United States and Britain had achieved much better results.

‘ Many German mistakenly believe an alien abduction is unlikely, and do not feel themselves affected by the problem’ explained Fritz Schlapbach, President of the Institute, firmly. Particularly walkers with dogs, farmers apply to remote farms and people who already deal with a lot of aliens as particularly vulnerable.

So do not go: subject responds incorrectly to vivisection’ There are many aspects that should be prepared for each’ says Schlapbach. Unfortunately, only a few (12%) know the correct posture when taking on board a UFO by tractor beam. Even with the correct behavior when inserting cold metallic instruments and probes in skin and body orifices, and the importance of cooperation in the taking of sperm or ova only a small proportion of the population ( 19%) is familiar enough. According to Schlapbach

The most important thing about a kidnapping by aliens, however, is not to panic. Rather, the or the abductees should focus on keeping things like license plates, the appearance of aliens (possible tattoos or piercings, distinctive hairstyles, beards or tooth spaces ) and striking dialects and especially the design of the machine to the final extinction of memory in the memory.

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