Stiftung Warentest graded planet earth with Poor

Stiftung Warentest graded planet earth with Poor

Berlin – Big shock to Erdnutzer: How Stiftung Warentest announced on Wednesday, has only reached the planet Earth in a detailed test on habitability, cleanliness and general utility grade’ Poor’. Thus, the planet for colonization by humans is hardly impossible to recommend to.

‘ For many years received reports outraged users who are dissatisfied with their overall experience on planet Earth in the highest degree,’ said a spokeswoman for the foundation at a press conference. This was particularly frightening the wide variety of defects and partly highly dangerous malfunctions that may indicate a defective product from the factory.

Destructive: Judgment Stiftung Warentest’ in the test have especially the high salt content of water, the almost constant occurrence of natural disasters and the presence pretty annoying wasps represented the greatest weaknesses of the earth,’ said the spokeswoman.’ In addition, constantly dying people because the earth against elementary security safeguards.’ Thus, 97 percent of all canyons, cliffs and gorges were not properly secured. In most waters are missing depth information and designated non- swimmer areas.

In the final grade of 5.1 (‘ Poor’) but significantly more defects were still flowed. So the earth contained numerous, undeclared ingredients that cause allergies in part, and all kinds of dangerous chemicals that are often carcinogenic or even radioactive. Not least, the planet’s gravity could cause joint pain and wear.

Hard for criticizing the Stiftung Warentest also the manufacturer of the earth, who is currently at an unknown location and any complaints of disappointed customers about the product leaves unanswered. Attached is at least an opinion and possibly a coordinated recall, the demand for the product testers. Until then rate them from every precaution to make use of the earth privately.

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