Statistical error tolerance of 2.5 %: FDP (2%) might first party with negative votes

Statistical error tolerance of 2.5 %: FDP (2%) might first party with negative votes

Berlin – With the recent star RTL -Wahltrend Forsa identified two percent of the FDP is a real sensation succeeded. Since in such surveys an error tolerance of / – is to be assumed 2.5 percentage points, the Liberals were the first party in the history of the Federal Republic a fighting chance to achieve a net loss of up to -0.5 percent in federal elections. Such a result could have interesting consequences.

‘ This would mean, in extreme cases, that of 1000 voters amazing would not choose 1005, the FDP,’ said Forsa chief Manfred Gullner compared to the postilion .’ If indeed vote only -0.5 percent for the FDP, the FDP would thus also the first party that not only gets no election expenses reimbursement, but even still needs to pay more.’

So our artist is a minus in front of the FDP earnings before In such an election result is a kind of anti – FDP deputy also have to be sent to the Bundestag, which must always reflect the exact opposite position of the extra-parliamentary opposition party FDP Voters.

Also controversial: If the FDP currently actually lie at -0.5 percent, they would even then still at zero votes if it should succeed, until the election still around 200th 000 citizens to convince you of its policies.

But there is also a weak consolation for the ailing FDP. If the / – 2.5 percentage points fault tolerance rather impact in the positive direction, the Liberals could in the next federal election, at best, expect a profit of 4.5 percent


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