State election in Hamburg: CSU fails to five-percent hurdle

State election in Hamburg: CSU fails to five-percent hurdle

Hamburg, Munich – The CSU must plug with a score of 0 percent a smashing defeat in the state elections in Hamburg. The CSU could thus compared to the last election in 2011 ( 0.0 percent ) recorded no increase in votes for himself and remained well below the five percent threshold. While the SPD ( 45.7 percent) is celebrated there in the Munich CSU party headquarters hangover.

understand all this does not: Ramsauer (CSU )’ We are disappointed, ” the deputy CSU chairman Peter Ramsauer said after the announcement of the election results.’ The great People’s Party of course this can not be our aim to bring a meager zero percent in a major city like Hamburg.’

reportedly prevails in Munich particularly large upset about the fact that even the FDP ( 7.4 percent ) had to go by.

‘ We must now relentlessly analyze what it is that we celebrate with our program exclusively in Bavaria successes, while we are not quasi -existent in the rest of the country’, says Ramsauer. Nevertheless, one should not drooped his head now.’ On May 10 is selected in Bremen. What a debacle as in Hamburg must not happen again.’

observers expect that within the party heads roll first, if the CSU should fail there too at the five percent threshold.

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