Sigmar Gabriel officially changes its name TTIP in order

Sigmar Gabriel officially changes its name TTIP in order

Berlin – In the discussion on the controversial free trade agreement TTIP sets Sigmar Gabriel (SPD ) is a strong symbol: the future he would only be addressed with’ TTIP Gabriel,’ said the Vice-Chancellor and Economy Minister. A change in his passport he had already applied.

The change of name TTIP Gabriel wants to show how important it is the conclusion of the FTA.’ Perhaps you’ve noticed that I can currently talking about none other than TTIP,’ said the 55- year-old, from the first morning in the’ Picture’ newspaper a hochjournalistischer guest post titled’ 5 Reasons Why TTIP for is important for us’ has been released.

Trat 1977, the SPD in because he had a big dream, foisting the public one day a free trade agreement: TTIP Gabriel’ Unfortunately I can not give you more detailed arguments, because the corresponding points of the agreement that inspire me so, even in be negotiated secretly and without democratic control. But trust me ! When Socialists have betrayed their constituents ever by deregulation or the erosion of workers’ rights?’ Said Gabriel on.

He hopes his own words, to do with the media- name change in the public perception counterbalance the assessment of renowned economists such as Nobel Prize laureate Paul Krugman. The expert had said in January that he considered TTIP [Note. Meant d. Ed.:’s the deal, not the minister ] for’ suspicious nonsense’.

TTIP Gabriel at any rate seems determined to impose his namesake TTIP against all odds: “For this I stand with my name’ self-confidence, the Vice-Chancellor. Should he not be heard by its action, he wants to rename his last name and, if necessary, his party in TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Party ).

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