Sensationalism to Schumacher shows first moments of awakening

Sensationalism to Schumacher shows first moments of awakening

Grenoble – Finally a sign of life ! As a spokesman for the Association of the German tabloid media (VDB ) announced on Friday shows the sensationalism surrounding the injured Michael Schumacher after weeks of anxious waiting first’ moments of awakening’. With luck, the routine disregard for the privacy nationals could soon fully recover.

‘ We have every reason to hope that our click-through rates will soon be back on his feet as soon as we can finally publish meticulously completely exaggerated and minor details again,’ the spokesman said.

Last themselves had many fans worried after even the Focus news ticker Michael Schumacher has been partly updated only once a day.

The proclamation of the good news of the union spokesman but also with a plea to media critic, refrain from accusations of sensationalism. In these difficult times it is particularly important to refer to the private feelings of tabloid journalists consideration.

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