Sensation ! Highway drivers found another road to the right of the middle lane

Sensation ! Highway drivers found another road to the right of the middle lane

Dusseldorf – A groundbreaking discovery has made ​​a motorist near Dusseldorf yesterday. By his own account of the 63 -year-old Manfred Pach was on the A3 in the direction of Duisburg on the road when he a previously undiscovered right lane of the two noticed him yet known traces between two trucks. According Pach the A3 is not the only highway that has such a secret supplementary track.

‘ A full third track that can be traveled by car, you have to imagine once!’, explains the still very excited Pach. That he was the first driver is apparently discovered the additional lane, he writes to the fact that he was at a speed of only 105 km / h was traveling

Is proud of his find. Manfred Pach’ Since it is just a little more attention than other drivers. And now at last I understand why so designated as a highway to three lanes. She has namely three tracks !’ Previously, he was always assumed that the hard shoulder in the number of tracks is included in the calculation.

Of the possibilities offered by the new road, Pach is very enthusiastic.’ Because there is just a totally different vibe, “he explained.’ And I will not constantly annoyed by some pushy drivers behind me, like me constantly happening elsewhere.’

His knowledge will not keep the 63 -year-old Cologne.’ I am of the opinion that the use of the new track should benefit all drivers and can relax the traffic flow significantly’, says Pach, who has discovered at least two other routes a right lane.

He therefore urges all motorists to look on other highways to the secret lane. Especially slower road users who often yearn for a separate track, can then subtle use the headlight flasher and tailgating be advised of the new roadway.

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