Schumi only removed a few Facebook Likes and # kaempfenschumi tweets from recovery

Schumi only removed a few Facebook Likes and # kaempfenschumi tweets from recovery

Grenoble – Michael Schumacher floats after a severe traumatic brain injury while in mortal danger, thanks to the rain participation in social networks like Facebook or Twitter, but there is still hope. A spokesman for the hospital in Grenoble said this afternoon that the racing legend probably only a few Facebook Likes and Tweets # kaempfenschumi is still away, to be healthy again.

The’ Picture’ newspaper helps busy with’ We do not know how much healing power exactly innwohnt a Facebook Like said hospital spokesman Guillaume Nemours.’ Therefore, it is imperative that as many Michael Schumacher solidarity pages are created on Facebook, with slogans like’ Last one Like there to get better in again !!!’,’ 1 Like = 1x flower beds for Schumi’ or’ Does the page people see that there are many that there are people who take this matter seriously. Keep your fingers crossed and pray for our Schumi’ to Facebook Likes and -Follower advertise.’

On Twitter can also be helped, even if the doctors have yet to agree on how many text messages with the hashtags #kaempfenschumi and #prayforschumi yet missing, hence the severe head injuries Schumacher heal by itself.

Should Michael Schumacher his serious skiing accident not survive, then so be it, says the hospital spokesman, solely the fault of those egoists who renounce Facebook Likes and public statements and instead silently take part.

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