[ Satire] easy to recognize Satirical Satire Satire thanks marking as satire

[ Satire] easy to recognize Satirical Satire Satire thanks marking as satire

Facebook ( satire ) – an end to the confusion surrounding satire texts on the web: Thanks to a novel labeling through the social network Facebook will be left to future easily distinguished satirical essays by nichtsatirischen news items [ The marking is necessary because otherwise there was no significant difference between properly researched journalistic articles and coarse satirical nonsense and pancakes, sausage and potato salad, a spokesman for the Tsar house on Maundy Thursday in Istanbul.

Caution ! On the Internet, more and more sites like this satire romp.’ You think once about it’, explains the executive committee of the’ German Association for the identification of satire [Caution: Satire]’.’You have an article with a suspicious -sounding title, dubious quotes any of joke and nothing but Rumblodelei. I ask you: How in the world can one distinguish the just from a reputable news text’? For this reason alone the new labeling is essential.

Consequently, wants to protect his credulous users will not only at satirical articles against misinformation Facebook. Soon it will be also next articles from Bild.de either [ lie], [ propaganda ] or [ insubstantial rumor ]. Furthermore, with the guidance [Caution: Author is a member of seven transatlantic alliances ] and [ Welt.de/Focus.de – not even click ] experiments.

Experts suggest that the long term only a critical FAZ feuilleton articles from 1987 will remain unchecked over a Shostakovich Concerto with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, because he is exclusively and perfectly true as a single. [ Final Note: The article is satirical. All information without guarantee. ]

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