Salafist Hooligan feels torn inside

Salafist Hooligan feels torn inside

Cologne – Steffen’ club’ Ostermann is torn. Since radical hooligans in different cities of Germany against Salafis ( HoGeSa ) protest, the 29 -year-old convert as between two chairs feels. The reason: The Salafist Hooligan he sees not only the Hool movement, but also his fellow committed.

‘ So far, I have always thought, I get the under one roof, Inshallah’, as Ostermann, who usually resides at weekends with no games in an observed by the intelligence mosque. There, he is known as Abou al- Qoile.’ When the first HoGeSa demo then it was proclaimed that for me is a broken world. Shit, man!’

Here is room for one as Ostermann? That Salafism and hooliganism are apparently incompatible, the learned locksmith was far from clear.’ Many people still have two different hobbies. And I’m just like fanatical and cut it in an emergency for my

beliefs and who. In the face Opposing fans, infidels the same for me.’

In none of his two passions Ostermann want to miss. Therefore, he had also refused to take last year to Syria to join the jihad.’ They have as yet no ordinary clubs ” he says indignantly.

The fact that he is now to give up one of his great passions, the 29 -year-old charged much.’ Since this started HoGeSa – nonsense, I sleep badly. I lie’ often eternally awake and pray and Size What alternately’ he says. He did not know whether he would like his buddies the wrath of Allah on the neck or not should prefer to beat them with his preacher.

How Ostermann is currently shared by many of the 3,000 violent

Salafist Hooligans ( official estimate) in Germany. Psychologists advise you to refrain from shock or suicide attacks against themselves and come to terms with their relationship to sports clubs and monotheistic deities therapeutically.

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