Rushed violently headlines editor with emotional exhaustion in Psychiatry

Rushed violently headlines editor with emotional exhaustion in Psychiatry

Potsdam – It is a serious blow to the global media empire of Because of emotional exhaustion in charge of the headlines and Facebook posts of page editor has today been admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Previously, Manfred W. was minutes on a perilous chain of messages exposed by an error in the editorial system: Within a split second he tears were alternately driven into the eyes, it took away the breath or loud laughter elicited until he collapsed exhausted.

According to his colleagues W. has been behaving strangely in the weeks and months before its collapse.’ From his office almost came in five- minute intervals sobs, laughter, surprised murmur or shout,’ says an anonymous editor. Often he had fallen several times a day from the stool or had to watch some videos almost obsessively over and over again.

Meanwhile, even the headlines editor has expressed itself in his briefing.’ They wanted me to consign to the psychiatric ward. What happened next is incredible! Tears came horizontally out of sight !’Says W. in a first message to the press, which has been viewed 800,000 times inexplicably on YouTube and appeared in the timeline of each Facebook user at least three times.

As long as W. is not able to work, new violently posts appear initially under headings such as’ This video, which you can see on the internet for the last three years, is quite nice’or’ Here are some pictures that we in have found a BuzzFeed article from 2007.

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