Richest 1 % recommend poorest 50 %, yacht for sale when they need money

Richest 1 % recommend poorest 50 %, yacht for sale when they need money

Monaco, St. Moritz, Sylt – Are the super rich but better than its reputation? In a moving statement, the richest one percent of the world population now being publicly their solidarity with the poorer half of humanity expressed. To demonstrate their good will, they gave helpful tips on how poor people can make money by selling about a yacht, the repulsion of a larger package of shares or the dismissal already a butler.

‘ Of course, everyone loves his yacht, but who is among the poorest 50 percent of the world population, should think seriously about a sale of at least one boat. Thus, financial constraints can be easily and bridge red tape’, it says in the appeal, which was seen today all over each other in several major magazines.’ If the poorest of the poor still urgently need a yacht representative or recreational reasons, they can vary by location still rent as required.’

Should just sell one of his yachts: poor man Erik von Dorschhausen, one of the initiators explained’I myself have experienced first hand what it means to be poor. Shortly after law school, as I’ve just returned from my trip around the world, and before my father inherited the company, I was also quite short of money.’

It had been the worst two weeks of his life. He therefore now pleased to announce together with its rich colleagues valuable tips to help financially poor people back on their feet. So be about Osetra caviar significantly cheaper than fancy Beluga caviar, instead of a villa in the countryside, it’ll be splendid live and who often use the sedan instead of the private helicopter, spare in a year, several hundred thousand euros in a penthouse apartment.

Who but even after all these tips, with the help of which a total of eight-digit amount’ll provide, still struggling with money problems, should ask himself if he has not yet attributed his poverty itself.

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