Rare guest of honor: Angela Merkel pays state visit to Germany

Rare guest of honor: Angela Merkel pays state visit to Germany

Berlin – The Federal Republic welcomes these days high Visit: Angela Merkel is expected in Berlin for a brief visit. The reception is likely to be warm, because the international political leaders cultivates with Germany traditionally have close relationships. Last Visited Merkel, the Federal Republic in the fall of 2013 for a few hours in order to strengthen the local Conservative Party during the election campaign

Historic:. DC enters Merkel German soil.’ I’m really happy that my schedule allows it, finally to visit my German friends,’ says the world famous State woman before, and to political talks including London, Paris, Davos, Florence, Washington, Ottawa, Budapest Brussels had stopped.’I am very excited about the Germans, after I’ve heard so much from them.’ Especially Merkel wants to try to talk with the locals and closer to the people bring their global political views.

German President Joachim Gauck in person to receive the most powerful woman in the world in the capital. On their journey to the government quarter Merkel will be able to admire the famous Brandenburg Gate, a visit to the Chancellor’s Office is already scheduled. The top diplomat will also speak as an honorary speaker before the Members of the German Bundestag before they will leave the country with the last flight back to Washington.

For Germany, the power-conscious power woman has always been a very special relationship. After all, what many do not know is that the cosmopolitan was born 60 years ago in Hamburg and dominated in addition to English and Russian, the language perfectly.’Yes that’s true. I will not make much effort because in my parents’ house very much German was spoken, ” Merkel said in almost perfect German with a touch of pride in her voice.’ Too bad I can be so rare here.’

Perhaps Merkel will not in any case have to wait too long until it is again located in Berlin: Already in late 2016, according to its staff, the next state visit to Germany planned.

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