Question time: So people are thinking about urinating on corpses US troops

Question time: So people are thinking about urinating on corpses US troops

Kabul – Currently, makes a video for the horror that shows four stationed in Afghanistan US soldiers in how they urinate with laughter on the corpses of suspected Taliban

But how think the little man and the little woman of the street on. our bubble weak ally in the war on terror? The postilion has been asking itself:

Anselm H. (97 ), early retirees:

‘ At that time, shortly before Stalingrad we had our urine is not wasted so lightly. Since we needed every drop to warm us’

Peter B. (36 ), an IT expert:

‘. I had no problem with the fact that the Americans in Afghanistan for over ten years hundreds of Taliban and anyone who looks like a Taliban shoot but then urinating on corpses is somehow immoral. It did not work.’

Tamara J. ( 24), student: of course

‘ You have also the circumstances ( self-defense, etc.) know. Had the Americans not peed first, they might have been peed from dead Taliban’

Horst N. ( 33) Call Center Employees:

‘. Unlike Colonel Klein European Vacation least from without air support. Would be somehow been disgusting.

But so what? In war and love everything is permitted. In love, this practice is called euphemistically pee, war is called the same necrophilia.? Somehow, unjust, or’

Ernst August von H. ( 57), nobleman:

‘ I can sympathize with the soldiers: Every now and then it comes over one and then you have it just simply run. Too bad, if such a fucking paparazzi filmed everything!’

Hilde W. (61 ), housewife:

‘. With all the military cuts it would not surprise me if the soldiers were forced to urinate on dead Taliban because not enough Dixi – Klos were there’

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