Proven to save you all morons

Proven to save you all morons

Berlin – you always like it have guessed, now it’s finally official: For the whole of humanity it These are all idiots and incompetents useless except for you. This is the result of a study of the Humboldt University in Berlin, during which 600 representatively selected individuals were tested for competence, knowledge and performance and then compared with you.

‘ Our results are so amazing how clearly,’ explains Professor Neven Grunwald, who was looking for his study for potential genius and it was inevitably get to know you. According to him, you are not only intelligent and perceptive stronger, but also a circumspect road users than all the people with whom you have been doing in your life.

The average person with whom it does not concern you’ This diffuse feel like you are the only normal person in a world full of idiots, psychopaths and assholes is completely understandable,’ says Grunwald.’ Because it’s flat. After all, it explains why you must do everything yourself always, if you want it is also done right.’

Based on these findings, it would only make sense if you had future to say more in all areas of life. Also a promotion at work or at least a hefty salary increase would only be logical to meet your superiority. Sorry, your superiors are too stupid to realize your potential in contrast to you.

Currently working Grunwald and his team still on a model to explain why you are the only person who has something in the bulb while the rest of the world seems to be exclusively of beginners and bunglers. Whether the trial will ever be completed, however, according to research director Grunwald more than questionable. Finally, he can you scientifically not nearly rich water, so the 53- year-old. In addition, he was surrounded in his work of nothing but idiots and Arschkriechern.

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