Postponed negotiations between Greece and Euro – group in sandpit

Postponed negotiations between Greece and Euro - group in sandpit

Brussels, Athens – As delegates of both parties by mutual agreement announced on Thursday, will continue the negotiations between Greece and the EU group now in a sandbox. A medium sized sand-filled box corresponds to the unanimous opinion of the previous negotiation style far better than the Brussels meeting rooms and is therefore for further dialogue is the only correct platform.

The preparations for the move to the new call environment are, according to Euro – Group CEO Jeroen Dijsselbloem already in full swing. Was unclear until now only if all participants bring their own beach toys or whether shovels, buckets, tins and screens are provided by the Community

One of the many possible points of dispute. Who gets the truck? For the actual negotiations continue entrenched emerging.’ We can not promise that we will be the castle, trying to build Alexis and Yanis not happen right away if something does not suit us,’ says Dijsselbloem. In return, the ruling party of Greece announces’ the small sieve to bury the Dijsselbloedmann’, one should fail with diplomatic efforts.

Experts reckon that already the first round of negotiations will not do without throwing sand and scattered their protruding tongues. For further inconsistencies is to be feared, moreover, that both sides urinate into the other half of the sandbox.

If by brushing your teeth and go to bed on Thursday night at 18:00 clock no agreement be made, the talks are scheduled with the negotiations on Friday morning just after the welcome circle in the sequel.

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