Pope postponed Christmas 2022 the summer so Advent does not collide with WM

Pope postponed Christmas 2022 the summer so Advent does not collide with WM

Rome – Christmas 2022 will take place in the summer, more precisely on 24 June. With this decision today responded Pope Francis plans to FIFA to postpone the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar in the winter months. Due to the historical shift is to ensure that the Advent season, which begins already on 29 May 2022 remains contemplative and is not disturbed by the World Cup hype.

Pope Francis makes up the ancient law of the Popes used to move the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ in an emergency to a more appropriate date ( ius diem natal Domini statuendi ), has been the privilege only used by Gregory IV. in the year 831, in order to avoid a scheduling conflict with his 20th wedding anniversary.

Pope Francis agrees dates from ( icon)’ We do not want to risk that Christmas carols are drowned out by football fan chants’, a spokesman for the Vatican said today.’ Even though Christmas and winter actually belong together for us in Europe, we bow in this exceptional case of a higher power of FIFA.’

The decision of the pontiff, Christmas on the 24th Bring forward in June 2022, calls divided reactions from: While particularly delighted children for shorter waiting time between the Christmas holidays in 2021 and 2022 – of course without considering that the distance to Christmas 2023 will be all the greater – the retail sale of Christmas preparations must exist prior to Easter begin and fear losses due to the double burden. Operators of Christmas markets that can convert to a refreshing, cold mulled claims to problems, however, welcomed the decision. The Christmas tree industry, in turn, is already working on a breeding, the’ greens not only in winter no, even in the summer when it’s not snowing’.

accusations Pope Francis, who is considered a great football fan would enjoy using the shift only the games in peace without having to prepare for the halftime break at Christmas fairs, dismissed the head of the church vehemently.

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