Poll: Majority thought Mehdorn would already chief of BER Berlin airport

Poll: Majority thought Mehdorn would already chief of BER Berlin airport

Berlin – The news that ex- Bahn CEO Hartmut Mehdorn will guide future Berlin Capital Airport BER, today morning made ​​for great confusion. Given the numerous breakdowns and delays in the construction has assumed that Hartmut Mehdorn was head of the airport already a large majority of the population. This is the conclusion on behalf of a postilion flash conducted survey among a representative sample of 1,007 German citizens.

Heinz Geiwasser, director of the research institute Opinion Control , the result explained:’92, 1 percent of the respondents could have sworn that the construction of the Berlin BER airport only so slow precedes because airport Hartmut Mehdorn constantly screw up. They thought he would be the problem, not the solution. What do you think have watched in horror as our respondents when they learned that Mehdorn only now begin.’

BER construction site today and in 30 years to blame for the confusion is not only the name similarity between the margins Airport Berlin – Brandenburg and the budget airline Air Berlin , the Mehdorn for 16 months unsuccessfully headed. The disastrous balance Mehdorn as CEO of Deutsche Bahn left many believe that the chaos going on the Berlin airport on his cap. Although

The remaining 7.9 percent of the respondents were aware that Hartmut Mehdorn yet no blame on the BER planning chaos, but think when they read for the first time of his appointment, they were accidentally on a news satire site the cruder variety landed.

Mehdorn himself said today at his first press conference that he would stop all construction work for reasons of cost, to bring the airport company later this year on the stock market. Experts believe that the already no longer 70 -year-old will experience the opening.

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